{event} snippets of june

I literally cannot believe July is almost over. Didn’t I just start my job at Stanford? Didn’t I just celebrate my birthday? Didn’t we just ring in the new year? I’m definitely not going to check on the statuses of my new year resolutions… at least, not yet. So last month, I felt like I ate out a lot – tried new restaurants and went back to a lot of restaurants I’m a fan of. For the sake of trying to use better photos, I’m only posting the “good” (in my eye) food photos.🙂

2016-06-01 18.43.50-1Hog doggity dog! When I heard Dog Haus was opening their first NorCal location in Fremont, I was stoked. A fancy schmancy hot dog served on Hawaiian bread? Sold! As I scanned their menu, I wanted to order everything! I wanted to try all their specialty hot dogs, sausages, sliders, burgers, and sides. Everything sounded so delicious. But since it was my first time, I decided to try their Downtown Dog (smoked bacon wrapped dog, caramelized onions, pickled peppers, mayo, mustard, and ketchup). I gobbled it up quickly as Jackie and Jenny were chatting it up. It’s always fun catching up with those two!

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{event} shiehsibs: pace gallery

I wanted to laze around and watch television, but Evonne reminded me that my blog is “hella hella behind.” So here I am, melting in this heat, writing my blog with The Bachelorette playing in the background. (Don’t judge.) I found out not one, but two!, of my coworkers watch The Bachelorette. (Don’t judge my coworkers.)

2016-06-19 12.02.25-1So back in June, my siblings and I were talking about possibly going to Asia together. Originally, we planned to go to Shanghai, Hong Kong, then Taiwan. But after a few weeks of discussions, we decided to switch Shanghai out for Japan. I mean, the fact that Steph is still talking about how delicious Ichiran Ramen is… we had to go back to Tokyo!

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{travel} don’t be madison: wedding rehearsal and a night out

On Thursday, Tina texted me to see if I wanted to get lunch since she was working overtime. Of course, I said yes! I was feeling a little bad I’ve fallen off the face of the earth ever since I started working at Stanford. Between just trying to recharge from work and watching Korean dramas, I haven’t really been hanging out with friends lately. Tina even commented, “I keep up to date with your life because of your blog.. but it’s a little backdated.” Slowly but surely, I will find the motivation to blog regularly instead of in spurts! (Teach me your ways, Starr.)

2016-06-08 19.06.26Since I was taking two days off of work (during the second week of my new job… oops), I just stayed over at Tina’s place the night before our flight to Wisconsin. I haven’t had Boiling Crab in a while and Tina was craving crawfish, so we stopped by for dinner! As we ate our shrimps and crawfish, we started building our armies.🙂

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{event} snippets of may

May has been pretty busy this year, all thanks to the Warriors and Sharks both being in the playoffs and going pretty far. It felt like every day, there was a game on… and I wasn’t complaining!

2016-05-05 18.26.06 HDR-2Steph invited me to go to a Giants game with her and the nurses from Stanford Children’s Hospital for Nurses Week. I got to see the little garden that was added to AT&T Park. The 4,320 square foot garden has fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, kale, and more. These ingredients are used at the bistros located inside the garden!

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{event} shiehsibs: lai hong lounge and sf moma

Since all of my siblings were not working or volunteering on Memorial Day, we decided to go to San Francisco for dim sum and to visit San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) since it just reopened in May. Steph and I had gotten membership for the museum, so we figured we should go check it out!

2016-05-30 10.00.18After much debate on what to eat in the city, we decided to get dim sum at the restaurant our family usually goes to when we visit SF: Lai Hong Lounge. The wait here is pretty horrendous, so we made sure to get there pretty early.

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{event} atlassian friends and family: tiki tailgate

People don’t usually like being third wheel. But when the hangout involves free food and an open bar? Count me in!

Evonne had invited me to join her and Mika at the Atlassian Friendly and Family – Tiki Tailgate at the end of May. Her company always has cool events (like the Art Gala for IGNITE)! Recently, Evonne informed me that her workplace also has 3 showers. What!? I guess I do miss the tech world and all their perks!😉

2016-05-21 12.29.54It was such beautiful weather for a baseball game!

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